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Welcome to the Nationwide Community Learning Partnership (NCLP)

About Us

NCLP is a not-for-profit organisation, providing educational and welfare-based courses for young people, parents and parents to be. Incorporated into the courses are not only the skills essential for parenting, but also for life, with practical units directly applicable to the every-day scenarios learners will face. The courses are mapped to standards, and see learners from all backgrounds leave with accredited qualifications.

Because of its unique charitable status, NCLP is able ensure real value for money for commissioners of parenting programmes.

There are two main courses on offer:


Young Parents To Be (YPTB, formerly YMTB) is a holistic training course designed to support and educate pregnant teenagers and parents to be. The programme informs and supports the health of both mother and baby during their pregnancy, addressing issues such as diet, breastfeeding, postnatal depression, alcohol and smoking.

Units include:

Antenatal and birth

Caring for a young baby from birth to 6 months

The responsibilities of caring for a young baby

Making a resource for a baby

Rights and responsibilities of being a parent

Healthy lifestyles for parents

Money management for parents.


Parents With Prospects (PWP) is the name of the NCLP parenting training programme provided nationally to centres working to support parents and their children, from birth to 7 years old. 

Units include:

Developing Communication and Literacy with Children

Developing Relationships and Play with Children

Healthy Eating for Children

Keeping Children Safe and Well

Positive Parenting Skills

Healthy Lifestyles for Parenting

Managing Money for Parenting

Level 2 Certificate

Following feedback from learners on both the YPTB and PWP programmes, NCLP recognised a need to offer the next level of accredited qualification. The Level 2 Certificate in Introducing Caring for Young Children and Young People enabled learners to pursue a career path in childcare or health and social care, or simply learn more about caring for their own children. 

Units include:

Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people

 The value of play to young children

Young children’s development

Craft activities for young children 

Rights and responsibilities in relation to parenting

Parenting & healthy lifestyles 

Parenting a young baby